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December 31, 2015 - Comments Off on Why ESPN Isn’t Worried About New Year’s Eve Competition for the College Football Playoff

Why ESPN Isn’t Worried About New Year’s Eve Competition for the College Football Playoff

Holding the semifinals on New Year's Eve is something ESPN is simply going to have to get used to. Between now and the end of the sports network's 12-year contract to air the College Football Playoff, the semis are scheduled for Dec. 31 seven more times.

I don't understand why ESPN made this deal. With competition from it's own new year's eve show on ABC, not to mention the other 3 broadcast networks, I'm really curious to see what the ratings are for the 8pm game. Especially if…

Alabama and Michigan State are locked in an epic, multiple-overtime battle that stretches past midnight on the East Coast? …ESPN [will] come up with something—perhaps with some help from corporate sibling ABC, which will be set up in Times Square

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December 24, 2015 - Comments Off on Christmas Party 2015

Christmas Party 2015

Mom (and Dad) have been throwing a Christmas party for their friends and neighbors for about 8 years now1. They love doing it even though it's a lot of work and I love taking the photos each year. A few years ago I created a collage from all the years and I've added to it each year. It's played on the living room TV for all to see each year via our AppleTV and the magic of iCloud Photo Sharing. People really love watching it and it's a lot of fun to see how I've gone from thin to thick, then back again, as well as see kids grow up and those who are no longer with us.

I'm really glad I've been able to record these parties through the years. My family always complains at first that I'm taking way too many photos, but they love them in the end. I've always tried to use a decent camera so that my pictures stand up to the test of time. Little tip, if you're recording your family's precious moments only using an iPhone, you're going to wish at some point you'd bit the bullet and at least bought a simple point and shoot camera. Sure, phones take decent pictures, but I've got tons of photos from past events that were taken with my first iPhone which only captured photos at 320 x 480 pixels. That's tiny! Not only the size but the quality was pretty bad as well.

So, enjoy the holidays with a photo2 or two and Merry Christmas from me to you. Hey, that rhymed!

  1. Except for last year and their first year down in FL 
  2. I'm even going to try more videos this year 

December 6, 2015 - 1 comment.

2015 NY & DC Downton Events

As I write this, I'm northbound on Amtrak's Acela Express to NY's Penn Station to prepare for the last ever Downton events1 we'll be promoting in New York at the Hudson Theatre. If you've never gotten a chance to ride the rails instead of fly, you should really give it a try. The train is an infinitely better experience than a flight, it's also just as expensive, which is why most Americans never even give it a shot. I love it though and I'd definitely take the train more if the prices were lowered and the schedules for the southern lines were more frequent.

I'll be meeting up with my colleague Phil Piga who organizes and runs events for PBS. Phil and I have been working together for quite awhile now and I've been getting involved more over the last several years, even Directing the live online stream last year, which was a thrill and something I've missed. This year, there is no live stream, so I'll be there more as a Creative Director, making sure the branding, backdrops, posters, lighting, stage, presentations, and much more are designed and setup properly. Once the event begins, I'll take my place backstage to make sure the lights, audio, and talent get the proper cues.

It's been a privilege to have been backstage with the Downton cast on several occasions. To see and chat with them in such a cordial & relaxed manner has made the effort and late nights all the more worth it; not to mention made my job seem very cool to mom & dad. Once again, we'll be shooting interviews with the fans and recording the event for a video we'll put together later. And of course, I'll have another post on this year's Downton creative when it's ready, so be sure to lookout for that. Till then, remember, Jan 3rd - the last season of Downton begins!

  1. This is actually my 3rd time at this event. I'd like to think it's gotten better each year.