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August 28, 2017 - Comments Off on Facebook Company Posting & Sharing

Facebook Company Posting & Sharing

Here's an interesting conundrum for all my Marketing/Branding/Social friends…

To get my new website (and my new company) some exposure, I created a Facebook company page. To get that FB company page up and running, I've been sharing things posted there from my website; then sharing those posts over on my personal Facebook page. Confused?

Portfolio -> FB Company Page -> FB Personal Page

That means anyone who's a personal friend of mine hopefully will see the "share" from my company page and then click the link to see the actual content on my portfolio.

Click here to see an example

It seems overly complicated though. Posting a link on one FB page, only to share that post to another FB page.

If I were to simply post content from my website directly to my personal page, it might come across differently to some people versus my "personal" page sharing my "company" posts.

I'd love some advice in this area. Is this setup the most efficient way to gain support for my company in the short term? Maybe it just seems awkward for now because I have to repost all my own stuff. Hopefully, in the future, when enough people have "liked" my FB company page, I won't have to repost all my own stuff and people will natively see my company posts.

August 25, 2017 - Comments Off on Pentagram Redesigns Penn Station

Pentagram Redesigns Penn Station

It's amazing how using a "clean" design that focuses on information clearly displayed, with pops of color for energy & vitality can make a world of difference. Its also amazing how hard it is to convince people of that fact sometimes until they see it in action.

And even though design is a big part, let's not forget that lighting, cleanliness, and certain materials contribute significantly as well.

Pentagram Takes On Its Biggest Challenge Yet: Making Penn Station Less Awful