I'm David Wilder, a Creative Director at PBS in Arlington, VA and I have 20 years experience & 4 network rebrands with companies like TBS, TNT, & PBS.


I started my career in TV at a production house that specialized in visual effects and live shoots. The Director was well known, and since it was a small shop, I learned a lot at his side. I participated in many shoots and learned everything from the ground up - from how to light a proper green screen to how to lay electrical cables. It was a great base from which to build a career.

In 2007, after many years at Turner Broadcasting for TBS & TNT - along with 3 redesigns under my belt, I moved to DC to work for PBS. Because of my strong animation skills & extensive experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects I have a shorthand with design firms & production houses that allows me to take a project from start to finish very quickly.

In branding, I believe in a strong base that’s true to the core tenants of what the company and brand stand for. From that base, a brand can live & breath, expanding and branching out into new experiences. It can only do this if it stays true to it’s core DNA. So, in 2009, I worked with a team to develop the largest rebrand PBS has ever undertaken for on-air, print, and online platforms. We worked with an outside agency who designed over 700 elements for on-air alone. I’m very happy to report that as of today, this design is still going strong. I believe that’s in large part due to the fact we’ve stayed true to the core beliefs we set for ourselves in 2009.

Day to day, I work with multiple departments from Communications to Interactive at all platform levels (on-air, print, online, mobile, and live events), managing the creative process and the PBS brand to be sure it is represented accurately and faithfully. I manage a team of in-house designers & agencies for multiple projects across the company and oversee multiple franchise launches per year, often simultaneously. I work with Operations to try new management software, procedures, and challenge old ones. At heart though, I'm still a Designer who loves to dig in from time to time.

I bring a unique set of tools to the table as well as a lot of experience with live shoots, a solid background in animation and software, strong organizational skills, leadership skills, and a very consistent sense of branding and strategic experience.


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