May 8, 2015 - Comments Off on Apple’s Mac App Store is broken?!

Apple’s Mac App Store is broken?!

OK. This is the 3rd article this week claiming the Mac App Store is "broken". I don't think it's "broken" at all. I simply think a lot of the apps being sold solve a problem most people don't have. Pretty simple. Yet, I still can't find a decent piece of financial consumer software on the store at all. Then, of course, there's the obvious reason…

Apple produces a computer and operating system that is complete enough without third-party apps for most average users: It enables them to check email, pay bills online, visit websites, engage in social media, and more, and that's all they're really interested in doing. They don't want to put new apps on their Mac. And that's fine.

Source: NSFW: Apple's benign neglect of the Mac App Store | iMore

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