April 18, 2015 - Comments Off on How to get updates & notifications from itswilder.com on your iOS device

How to get updates & notifications from itswilder.com on your iOS device

For all my friends and family that want to follow along with my posts, I thought I’d write up a post that walks them through how to get notified each time I post a new article. Once set up, you’ll get a notification/alert on your iOS device each time I post something new to itswilder.com.

Enter “Hooks” - the iOS app for all kinds of notifications. Their website does a terrible job of explaining the value of the app so let me just sum it up for you:

Hooks is a FREE app that allows you to set up notifications for different kinds of events. Want to know when a movie with a certain actor comes out? Want to know whenever there’s a weather alert? Want to know when your new favorite TV show is airing? Hooks is the one stop shop for notifications of all types and we’re going to use it to get alerts each time I post a new article on my blog.


  1. Download the free Hooks app from the iTunes store.
  2. Open the app and tap on the “+” in the upper right corner
  3. Tap on the blue “ADD” button
  4. Search for “RSS Feed” and tap on “NEW”
  5. Fill in “itswilder.com/feed” for the RSS URL and “Its Wilder” for the ALIAS
  6. That’s it. Make sure you’ve got notifications enabled for the app and the next time I post, you should see an alert on your phone 🙂

This has actually been a lot harder than I thought. I had several criteria for this workflow [1] and I had to test LOTS of apps[2]. I was surprised and quite disappointed with the number of apps that force you into creating some kind of account with them before you could see or do anything, but I think I finally got something can can work for everyone.

Laptop or Desktop

While this doesn’t provide actual alerts, it does provide a way to see all my posts without having to constantly visit my site.

  1. Open up Safari and go to itswilder.com
  2. Click on the sidebar button in the Safari navigation bar to expand the Bookmarks and Subscription sidebar
  3. Select the @ at symbol tab to visit the social section, then click on “Subscriptions” at the bottom
  4. Select “Add Feed” and a dropdown menu will appear.
  5. Select “itswilder.com - It’s Wilder Feed”.
  6. Click done at the bottom of the sidebar panel and that’s it.

If you’d like pictures and more thorough walkthrough, check out this article from OS X Daily.

  1. 1) Free, 2) No sign up required, 3) No need of a syncing service such as Feedly or FeedBin, 4) Can add URL’s simply & easily right in the app, 5) Get notifications each time a post is added to itswilder.com  ↩
  2. Tested: Flipboard, Digg, Zite, Feedly, news, feeder.co, Bloglovin’, Ziner, Browse, Anews, Blogkeen, Unread, Newsify  ↩

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