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Bye Bye Tumblr

Yesterday Tumblr revamped it’s apps but also the way a user posts on the main site. The Tumblr Design blog has a great case study on how and why they redesigned the posting experience. But with the onslaught of experiences like Medium and Ghost, Tumblr really did have to step up their game a bit in this area…so, kudos.

For me though, I’m finally giving up on Tumblr as a publishing platform. There’s only so many different platforms one can manage and so I’m starting to whittle things down a bit to make life simpler. Plus, I’ve had a tumblog since 2008, but with over 1600 posts I’ve only gotten 59 followers. Even for someone who thinks follow counts are a crappy measurement tool, that’s just sad. I’ll still peruse the feed of people who I follow, but as a publishing platform for thoughts and ideas, I’m moving on[1]. Fare thee well, my old friend.

  1. Well, maybe from time to time I’ll cross post a thought or two  ↩

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