April 9, 2013 - Comments Off on End of TV?

End of TV?

The short answer - not for awhile yet. But that didn't stop DC's The Express from plastering a sensationalistic photo on today's newspaper and writing copy such as:

…broadcasters only get paid when they relay such programming in traditional ways. Unless broadcasters can adapt to modern platforms, their revenue from Zero TV viewers will be zero.

What's even worse is that the entire article is barely half a page and doesn't say anything new. It simple re-reports some of Nielson's new data regarding these "Zero TV" viewers. There's a lot of data in the report that didn't make it into the article.

One of the facts that didn't seem to make it into the article but which is clear upon reading the actual report is that this effect is happening slowly. And with so much money at stake, broadcasters simply can't throw caution to the wind on what appears to be the same type of alarmist attitude that was thrown around when DVR's first made an appearance.

So, if this trend continues, it'll be one that broadcasters will be ready for and can adapt to. This isn't going to change life as we know it overnight.

Source: Nielson

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