April 21, 2015 - Comments Off on I wish…I could assign Force Touch to a right click

I wish…I could assign Force Touch to a right click

My new Macbook has the “Force Touch” trackpad. The normal, every time click is imperceptible from the old trackpad. The only exception is that a user can now click anywhere on the trackpad versus the old trackpad, which required a user to click towards the bottom of the trackpad because it depended on a hinged mechanical component.

With this new trackpad comes a new interaction, Force Touch, which is very interesting but also very limited. Force touch is only available for “Quick Look, Look up, and variable media speed controls.” It’s just that I don’t use any of those 3 things very often. What I do use very often is the control key to bring up a contextual menu for a lot of tasks. Using the control key though forces me to bring my left hand back to the keyboard when browsing. If I could assign Force Touch to a typical “right-click” the function would become extremely useful to me.

Check out all my wishes…

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