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Goodbye Downton

Today Carnival Films, and MASTERPIECE on PBS, are announcing that Season 6, premiering in January 2016, will be the final season of “Downton Abbey.” We can all be proud of the success of “Downton Abbey” in the United States, and the enormous response from audiences that has helped bring new audiences and members to our public media system. As we pause and reflect on the success of Downton, thank you for all that you’ve done to create public media history.

I've had the incredible privilege of working on every one of the promotional campaigns and it's been quite a ride. I still remember getting the screeners for Season 1, watching them late one night on the couch in an editing suite and thinking, "Wow. This is pretty damn good."

It's been very interesting to me, seeing a show's marketing campaign evolve over time. With the launch of Season 1, no one cared and we had almost no budget for promotion. Then, by the time Season 4 launched, we were throwing ideas around for Times Square billboards and traveling tea trucks.

I have no idea what Julian has in store for us during Season 6 yet but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait and knowing it's the final season will at least bring some closure.

And check out the campaigns from Seasons 2-4 1.

  1. I can't seem to locate Season 1 and Season 5 is basically the same as Season 4. 

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