April 1, 2015 - Comments Off on It’s the process, stupid.

It’s the process, stupid.

We love reading and viewing “highlight reels” of people’s success and projects and we can so easily forget or just flat out ignore the time that was really required to put those things together.

I love this bit about the the grit and grime that goes into making something. It’s something I’ve always struggled with myself. Portfolio’s aren't nearly as interesting as the process that went into making them. Case Studies can help explain a bit but even those give the impression one idea lead to the next in such an orderly and linear fashion, which is just not how creative ideas tend to flow. The toughest part might be balancing the idea of a truly candid and open assessment of the project with a public image that someone is “easy to work with” but also very "creative". Because if we all were to be truly honest, nobody would want to work with us ever again.

Compressing Reality

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