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Marketing’s Future in TV

Some think with the future of TV perhaps hanging in the balance given the rise of NETFLIX's new season model and others like it that typical marketing and promotions teams might not be relevant in such an "on-demand" world.

I would argue, that in such a world, promoting one's content might be more important. If such traditions as "Networks" go the way of the dodo bird, marketing and promoting your content among a sea of content is going to become even more relevant.

I can foresee a day when all a viewer may remember is that the show they wanted to watch had something to do with England and midwives. So they tell their TV, "Search for dramas about midwives in England." And up pops Call the Midwives from PBS.

At that point, marketing is the dominant force in that person's choice of what to watch. People are still going to need to be informed as to their choices. And the louder we are as content marketers, the more we'll be stuck in a viewers mind when it comes time for them to make the choice of what to watch.

"Brands" or "Networks" may not hold a place in the future of TV, but marketing one's content will still be a strong industry.

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