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NBC & AppleTV – Finally

With ABC and FOX already on the AppleTV, it looks as if NBC is finally going to put a channel on the AppleTV as well:

NBC still hopes to arrive on the Apple TV as soon as the second half of 2015, according to a source with knowledge of NBC’s digital roadmap. A recent presentation slide provided by the source shows that NBC wants to launch Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Xbox apps during the second half of this year, following its existing apps for iOS and Android devices.

And, of course…

Like some of the Apple TV’s other television streaming apps, NBC’s upcoming app will require a cable subscription, requiring the user to verify an existing cable account.

That still leaves CBS which is basically the last holdout and definitely the worst offender in terms of streaming it's shows on any other platform besides it's own.

NBC plans cable-dependent Apple TV app for second half of 2015

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