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Netflix to improve it’s TV UI

We plan to roll out an improvement to our TV UI in the second half of 2015. The enhancement will bring video playback forward into the browse experience. We are also developing improved ways to promote Netflix originals to our members, using our data to help identify which members would be most likely to enjoy each original title.

Interesting. Since what Netflix does, others tend to copy.

In the US, HBO began offering its $15 per month “HBO Now” service last week. As we have said in the past, Netflix and HBO are not substitutes for one another given differing content. We think both will continue to be successful in the marketplace, as illustrated by the fact that HBO has continued to grow globally and domestically as we have rapidly grown over the past 5 years.

We view “Internet MVPD” offerings like the rumored Apple offering, Sony’s Playstation Vue and Dish’s Sling TV as more competitive to the current pay TV bundle than to Netflix which is lower cost, has exclusive and original content, and is not focused on live television.

Piracy remains a considerable long-term threat, mostly outside the US.

I think both will be successful as well. In fact, I'm really curious to see which one flinches first in the price department. Will Netflix increase it's price if HBO NOW is successful at $15/month? Or with HBO reduce it's price to compete better with Netflix's $8/month?

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