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New Year, New Photo Workflow

I’ve set up a new iPhoto library for 2013 going forward. The previous library was only 32GBs but it spanned 1998-2012. I felt it was time to focus on new photos and a new workflow so I started a new library. Apple still doesn’t have a very good system for power users to share photos, but I think I’ve come up with a flow that should make things a bit easier.

After analyzing my habits I’ve determined that I have mainly 2 types of photos. The random, everyday boring moment that is quickly shared on Twitter or Facebook and the photos that are part of a larger event or collection (i.e. Holidays, Vacations, Birthdays). So I need two types of apps.

For the first type of photo (random photos) I’ve been using a few apps (flickr, camera+, Instagram, etc.) for awhile, trying each and seeing how I feel about them; but I think I’ve settled on Path. It can share with FB, Twitter, foursquare (location), and tumblr. The posts look good on each of the platforms (mostly), it has good filters, and it even can post video. I also got mom & dad set up with a Path account so they can see a lot of what I might post to Twitter or Facebook without having to get accounts for those platforms themselves. Path even provides a nice notification on their devices each time I post something.

For the second type of photo (events) I’m going to use a workflow that I’ve been testing recently. Photos from both my iPhone and iPad automatically go into PhotoStream no matter what app I use to actually take the photo. I can then use iPhoto on my laptop to download those photos and collect them into one Event or Album. If others have photos to share, I can use the shared PhotoStream option to download those as well or figure out a workaround. For any video, I’ll have to make use of an app called PhotoSync which allows for wireless transfer of files, photos, or videos to/from a computer. Once the video files have transferred from my device to my laptop, I’ll have add them manually to iPhoto. Although I could set up a folder action to automatically add them if I wanted.

Once the event has been created and organized, iPhoto still allows the best sharing options (for me); with the ability to share an album to Facebook, Twitter, flickr or make books, postcards, etc. It also allows me to have the best possible editing capabilities - although Aperture would be much better.

Now, I still would like the ability to see all my photos that I’ve organized on my laptop so I’m testing two different apps (Quik io and Younity) that allow you to “see” all the files you have on your hard drive. These apps allow me see & browse my iPhoto library on my mobile devices. FWIW, they also allow users to see & browse videos, documents, & music files on a laptop/desktop. These two apps are just getting started so there are quick a few bugs with photos currently. I’ll probably keep looking for a better way to browse my photo library. The best solution would be if Apple updates iPhoto.app to allow a user to see their iPhoto desktop library. Wether that is through some sort of iCloud integration or a solution more akin to the Quik io one, the important point for me is that I would be hosting my photos, not paying someone else.

We’ll see how this new workflow tests in the new year.

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