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Nurturing A Brand

There isn’t a month that goes by where I’m not in a meeting and the idea of our brand and what it “looks like” comes up. Those visual indicators like logo animations, colors, and fonts we call our “animation package”. And it’s inevitable that I launch into my speech on how we’ve come to nurture the package into what it is today.

The simple analogy goes like this…

Nurturing a brand is like raising a child.

When we first launched the rebrand back in 2009 it was a baby, so we treated it like a baby. It had strict rules that couldn’t be broken and we fiercely protected it. Every day there was something new to discover but we took each new challenge very seriously and made sure to stay true to the goals we set during the initial stages of the rebrand.

Around 2011, the rebrand hit it’s teenage years. I call them the “experimentation years”. And like all teenagers this period can be chaotic and quite exhausting. You’re tired of the same old thing and the creatives are desperate to try something new. Anything to break out of the monotony. But this is also an exciting time if you have a strong parent (aka Creative Director) in charge because it means that you can experiment with relative safety. Just like a teenager pushing against authority but always coming home, so should the visual identity of the brand.

Now, in 2015, the rebrand has reached it’s adult years. It’s confident and knows itself well. We know where to push and where we need to stay true to who we are. We know which rules to break and which rules only bend. It’s also the time in which we’re starting to see the end of the road - retirement, if you will - and prepare for it.

These days, I’m actually on the fence wether or not our brand is heading into “retirement” or into it’s “rejuvenation” phase; for I can see ways to expand and build on our brand in ways we never thought about 5 years ago. Regardless of wether we set the brand out to pasture or reinvigorate it with fresh thinking, the analogy of raising a child has worked well for us. It’s given me an easy way of explaining the rationale behind some of the decisions that might otherwise have seen arbitrary to someone looking into the process from the outside.

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