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On Approvals

When the approval chain becomes too cumbersome a few things happen. The first, is that people get frustrated. When every little creative detail has to be approved by many different people, it can weigh a Creative down in quite a hurry. That’s especially true when there are outsiders who are deemed “non-creatives” weighing in on the process. But hey, that’s life and we all know it’s going to happen.

But the second detail that occurs when the approval chain becomes convoluted is more subtle. People start to find ways around it. They’ll still take the larger, more prominent items through the proper channels; but all those little details that go along with the project, they’ll be done on the sly, in the shadows.

This second effect can have one of two consequences. If you have a wonderful team in place that you trust and can perform well, those little details will be just fine. But what happens when you don’t? When you’re alone? All those little details are taken care of by “outsiders” - those people who are attached to the project yet aren’t the main creative driving force. When the approval chain is an issue these project members will simply “get things done” and the Creative might never know about them. This can lead to an inconsistent vision and missed opportunities.

I’m not sure what the answer is exactly, but I know it has to involve trust and respect. If your team doesn’t trust and respect the lead Creative, the whole project will be rocky from start to finish.

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