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PBS Annual Meeting

This week I'm attending PBS's Annual Meeting in Austin, TX which is a fascinating insight into how local stations work and an opportunity to connect with people across the system.

The PBS Annual Meeting is the premier gathering of public television professionals, bringing together station teams, independent producers, community partners and national organizations to connect, collaborate and plan our future together. In Austin we will build on the momentum of the PBS Regional Meetings and showcase local and national content and innovative ways our industry is transforming our service to meet the needs of the communities we serve. And it is Austin, home of Austin City Limits, so you know there will be some serious music!

I'm presenting a session on how PBS builds it's visual brand over a long period of time and how stations can use that philosophy to create their own visual brand that's tied to the PBS brand but totally their own. If you're in Austin, make sure to drop me a line or attend my session - Take it to the Next Level - Animation Package Deep Deep, or one of my 1-on1 30min sessions on Wednesday.

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