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Presenting Creative to Power

When presenting creative to someone who isn’t involved with creative on a daily basis has a lot of potential pitfalls. Here are a few things to consider first before laying everything you’ve worked on in front of them.

1. Who’s your audience?

Is the person you’re presenting to so busy the only way to get a reaction is through email? Or are they open to spending 15-30mins letting you present and then having an open dialog? Are they the type of person who understands the creative process and can easily see past the visuals to a bigger picture? Or is presenting final artwork in short bursts easier for them to digest?

2. What do you want from them?

Know what you want to take away from this meeting before the presentation. Are you asking for a full sign off on the creative? Or are you just looking to gauge their reactions and get initial feedback? Or, even more limited, are you looking to just wrangle them down from infinite possibilities to 3 or less categories of style.

Knowing the answer to these two very important questions are essential in presenting creative to people of influence within a company who are outside of the creative circle.

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