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August 28, 2015 - Comments Off on iOS 9’s Content Blockers Are A Reckoning

iOS 9’s Content Blockers Are A Reckoning

Adblock usage grew by nearly 70% between June 2013 – June 2014.

Ad blocking is something that keeps growing by leaps and bounds every year, so I for one, am really looking forward to iOS 9's content blockers and what they'll do for mobile browsing.

Think of Content Blockers like this…

Remember when Dish Network launched the ad skipping feature called Auto Hop and content providers freaked out? Yeah, iOS 9's content blockers are going to do the same thing for mobile web browsing and I am so excited.

p.s. Do yourself a favor and download both AdBlock Plus and Ghostery for your desktop/laptop browser and watch how FAST the web really is without all the ads and tracking software killing the experience.

Source: 2014 Report – Adblocking Goes Mainstream | Inside PageFair

May 8, 2015 - Comments Off on Apple’s Mac App Store is broken?!

Apple’s Mac App Store is broken?!

OK. This is the 3rd article this week claiming the Mac App Store is "broken". I don't think it's "broken" at all. I simply think a lot of the apps being sold solve a problem most people don't have. Pretty simple. Yet, I still can't find a decent piece of financial consumer software on the store at all. Then, of course, there's the obvious reason…

Apple produces a computer and operating system that is complete enough without third-party apps for most average users: It enables them to check email, pay bills online, visit websites, engage in social media, and more, and that's all they're really interested in doing. They don't want to put new apps on their Mac. And that's fine.

Source: NSFW: Apple's benign neglect of the Mac App Store | iMore

April 21, 2015 - Comments Off on I wish…I could assign Force Touch to a right click

I wish…I could assign Force Touch to a right click

My new Macbook has the “Force Touch” trackpad. The normal, every time click is imperceptible from the old trackpad. The only exception is that a user can now click anywhere on the trackpad versus the old trackpad, which required a user to click towards the bottom of the trackpad because it depended on a hinged mechanical component.

With this new trackpad comes a new interaction, Force Touch, which is very interesting but also very limited. Force touch is only available for “Quick Look, Look up, and variable media speed controls.” It’s just that I don’t use any of those 3 things very often. What I do use very often is the control key to bring up a contextual menu for a lot of tasks. Using the control key though forces me to bring my left hand back to the keyboard when browsing. If I could assign Force Touch to a typical “right-click” the function would become extremely useful to me.

Check out all my wishes…

April 17, 2015 - Comments Off on I Wish…Apple would make a shared Family contact

I Wish…Apple would make a shared Family contact

Here’s another insight from my photos cleanup effort…

In trying to get everyone’s new or corrected email addresses from my family, it took many emails to many different people over several days and was kind of a pain.

Apple should create some sort of Family contact card that can be shared which allows everone in a family to update the information so that everone is kept up-to-date at all times.

Check out all my wishes…


March 25, 2015 - Comments Off on UBER Will Now Sell Your Personal Data Too

UBER Will Now Sell Your Personal Data Too

This year, we are going to see the transformation of Uber into a big data company cut from the same cloth as Google, Facebook and Visa – using the wealth of information they know about me and you to deliver new services and generate revenue by selling this data to others.

Crap. Even paid services like UBER are getting into the business of selling all your personal data.

Uber knows the hot nightclubs, best restaurants and most obviously now has as much data about traffic patterns as Waze (which coincidentally trades data with local governments). Combining Uber’s data with the very-personal data that customers are willing to give up in exchange for benefits, means that Uber can, and is, on its way to becoming a Big Data company.

Source: Forbes
via: Slashdot

February 10, 2015 - Comments Off on I Wish…I could tie Reminders to the end of Events

I Wish…I could tie Reminders to the end of Events

I wish I could tie a Reminder to the end of an Event in my calendar. This would allow me to move an event around in my calendar and the reminder would also change dynamically.

For example…

  • After my doctor visit reminder me to call my wife
  • After my workout finishes remind me to weigh myself
  • After my haircut remind me to take a selfie
  • After this meeting remind me to print the report