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Taking Notes w/Bullet Journal

I'm constantly playing around with different software and processes for my workflow. One day it's Things, the next it's Wunderlist. One day it's Evernote, the next it's Pocket. One thing I simply can't get rid of is the idea that I like to use a physical notebook to take notes in meetings. In 2014, I took notes using the Bullet Journal system. I can't say I'll stick with it forever, but I can verify that it's an excellent way of using a notebook.

I tried a few of the techniques within the system, but the Index turned out to be the main technique I stuck with the most…

The index should be created on the first blank page of your Bullet Journal.

Indexing your content provides you the flexibility to organically fill your Bullet Journal, while still being able to quickly find what you’re looking for. It lists your topics and their page numbers.

Even if you're a die hard GTD fan, I'd give Bullet Journaling a try and see how it sticks.

Source: Bullet Journal: An analog note-taking system for the digital age

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