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TV Sharing Apps

I performed a brief test with my 3 favorite TV logging apps (iShows, 60Hz, and iTV Shows) to see which one shared best on both Twitter & Facebook.


Twitter - 60Hz
Facebook - iTV Shows
Ideal solution: the way 60Hz shares on twitter plus the way iTV Shows shares on Facebook. Basically, using the show image as large as possible in each format.


Didn’t work for me. Links don’t show up inline for either FB nor Twitter

Trakt.tv via 60Hz App

Best Twitter sharing. Main image from show is shared as large photo with link and description inline.
Facebook not bad as well. Comment shared properly with link and small image - i.e. normal link formatting.


Best Facebook. Comment shared properly with large image but filed under iOS oddly enough.
Twitter not bad. Link shows image inline (i.e. normal sharing format) but much smaller than trakt.tv

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