March 25, 2015 - Comments Off on UBER Will Now Sell Your Personal Data Too

UBER Will Now Sell Your Personal Data Too

This year, we are going to see the transformation of Uber into a big data company cut from the same cloth as Google, Facebook and Visa – using the wealth of information they know about me and you to deliver new services and generate revenue by selling this data to others.

Crap. Even paid services like UBER are getting into the business of selling all your personal data.

Uber knows the hot nightclubs, best restaurants and most obviously now has as much data about traffic patterns as Waze (which coincidentally trades data with local governments). Combining Uber’s data with the very-personal data that customers are willing to give up in exchange for benefits, means that Uber can, and is, on its way to becoming a Big Data company.

Source: Forbes
via: Slashdot

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