December 23, 2012 - Comments Off on Why Some Clients Do Things Wrong No Matter What

Why Some Clients Do Things Wrong No Matter What

Working in different post houses I hear the artists, editors, and staff talk about clients all the time. They mostly complain about the great hoops certain clients require them to jump through that are completely unnecessary. The discussion inevitably turns to how this client needs to hire a certain type of person (producer, writer, designer, etc.) who has experience and can fix these problems.

Well, that may be true. But what you have to remember is, some clients don’t want to be fixed. They like it this way - even if it causes everyone around them heartache and trouble. So, just hiring an experienced person to vill a void won’t fix a company that wants things done a certain way.

So what you have to now ask yourself if you’re a client is, “Are some of the problems I face each day, ones I truly want to fix? Even if that means I will have to reform some of my ways or give up some of the freedom I currently enjoy? Or am I willing to endure the hardships to have it my way?”

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