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Wish We Could Say More

Happy Apple Event Day! Everyone is excited to see what Apple announces today and the big bets are on possibly two new iPhones with a “wearable”, probably a watch of some kind. But I think people are overlooking the message of Apple’s invitation which is typically a cryptic sign of things to come.

Wish we could say more.

That word, “say” is what’s interesting to me. The invitation doesn’t read, “Watch what we do next.”, which would be more appropriate for an announcement around a wearable device, specifically a watch.

I’ve been listening to and reading a lot of predictions these last few weeks and I haven’t heard one person pick up on the word, “say” in the invitation.

Here’s my two cents. Yes, there will in all probability be a new iPhone announced, probably even the larger version we’ve been waiting to see. And yes, I think a wearable is in the cards as well. But if we read between the lines of Apple’s invitation, I also believe that some sort of voice functionality will be a key point of the presentation. Maybe it’s a refined Siri or maybe something completely new. But using the word “say” has got to mean something.

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