Washington Metro Auburn Club 

Auburn Alumni Association

Creative Director / Social Media Director: David Wilder

- Introduction -

In August of 2017 I reached out to the President of the Washington D.C. chapter for the Auburn Alumni Association, Mrs. Susan D'Antoni. I wanted to get involved with my local chapter so I volunteered my services to help in any way I could. By the end of the season, I was appointed to the Board of Directors and now serve as the de facto Social Media Director, producing assets for each game and managing the social media accounts.

Along the way I got to meet some amazing Auburn alumni through watch parties and other events. Oh yeah, Auburn didn't do too bad this season either.


"David was able to take our existing brand, and improve on it greatly which enhanced engagement with Auburn alumni in our area. He demonstrated initiative, creativity, and consistency in our social media efforts improving our attendance at watch parties and our interest in club activities. "

- Susan D'Antoni

President, Metro Auburn Washington Club

- GameDay Matchups -

One of my first goals was to redesign the newsletter. I felt it could be more engaging and clear with the information. I wanted each week's matchup to entice the reader into wanting to know more and so I designed a graphic template we could replicate for each game showing who Auburn was playing that week.

As you can see below, the design was slightly altered over the season by removing information that was duplicated elsewhere in the newsletter, such as the time and a tagline. The image underneath was changed each week as well to reflect the team Auburn was playing.

Design: David Wilder


Now that we had a regular matchup design to insert each week, the remaining newsletter began to take shape with a redesigned header and features such as LAST WEEK's photo section to engage readers to join our Facebook group. The overall redesign helped raise our "open" rate up from around 16% to 27% - once you take into account the popularity of each game and who Auburn was playing that week.

Left: Original Design   |  Right: 2017 Redesign

Platform: MailChimp

- GameDay GIFs -

Another goal was to spice up each game by adding animations and flair to certain events so I created GIFs for each milestone within a game and posted them on twitter each time something would occur.

Once Apple's iPhone X came out, I instantly saw the power of animoji's and we were able to build a few TOUCHDOWN AUBURN versions using long-time radio announcer legend Jim Fyffe's catchphrase that any Auburn fan will instantly recognize.

Lastly, I created a series of GIFs as a countdown to our biggest game of the year - the Iron Bowl, with the hashtag #BeatBama.

- Results -

The result of all this work was an increase of approximately 102 followers over the season, lots more engagement, and sharing by over 10 other alumni clubs around the country.

Overall, this was a fantastic season of work, along with some trial & error. I'm very thankful to Auburn Alumni DC Chapter President Susan D'Antoni for bringing me on and giving me such freedom to experiement and try new things.

War Eagle!