Downton Abbey

Season 3

Creative Director: Derrick Chamlee   |   Design Director: David Wilder

Writer / Producer: Prevue Media   |   On-Air Design: Capacity

- The Recap -

The first thing we needed to do was get fans excited about the upcoming season 3 of Downton Abbey, so we worked with Capacity, crafting this beautiful design to showcase all the highlights of seasons 1 & 2.

- Concepts -

In working with Capacity we explored many looks for the main campaign. One in particular that I loved & wanted Capacity to explore was based on a designer named Yulia Brodskaya who makes 3D collages with real paper. Her work was stunning, so Capacity contacted her directly to build some concepts. Sadly, these didn't work out so we had to find another direction, but I'm sure one day her designs will show up in another spot for another client.

Long Lead Tease

- Everything to Loose -

After a laborious design process and throwing out lots of other beautiful work, this is the look that emerged for the main campaign.

Writer / Producer: Prevue Media

Series Sell

- The Wait is Over -

This spot became the main driver for the campaign.

Writer / Producer: Prevue Media

One more thing…

- Coming Home -

Now that both the tease and the series sell were out there, we wanted to give stations a way to switch things up a bit. So the producer cut this beautiful, longer version set to more contemporary music and Capacity revised a concept from the original design process that we still loved - the two fit perfectly together.

Writer / Producer: Prevue Media