Downton Abbey

Season 4

Creative Director: Derrick Chamlee   |   Design Director: David Wilder   |   Design Agency: TROIKA

- Introduction -

For Season 4 we had to up our game. Downton was now a huge hit, and because of that, multiple agencies and partners were (and still are) creating content for Downton. We decided to hire TROIKA to help create one of the most cohesive campaigns we'd ever put together.

- Long Lead Tease -

We wanted to give fans something to chew on before releasing the full season trailer. This spot also set the tone and defined the look for the entire campaign.

- Series Sell -

No Turning Back

Now for the real treat.

- Out of Home -

Times Square - New Years Eve

Since Downton premeries usually a few days after New Year's Eve in January, we wanted to remind everyone leading up to the premiere that Downton was on the way. So we purchased one of the digital billboards just above the famed New Year’s Eve Ball, right in Times Square and created a series of countdown videos with characters from the show, one for each day.

- iOS Wallpapers -


- Styleguide -

Since Downton was now in the hands of so many creatives, we asked TROIKA to produce a Styleguide just for Downton.  They gave us 32 pages of details that anyone could appreciate.