Downton Abbey

The Final Season


Creative Director: Derrick Chamlee   |   Creative Director: David Wilder    |   Production: Adrienne Imbrigiotta

Writer / Producer: Laurie Wiggins   |   On-Air Design: Block & Tackle   |   Print Design: SJI

- Introduction -

This Emmy® and Golden Globe® award-winning hit drama returns for a sixth and final season of intimately interlaced stories centered on an English country estate — an entertaining formula that has made “Downton Abbey” the highest-rated drama in PBS history.

I've had the privelage of working on all 6 seasons of Downton and it's been a fantastic learning experience. From the early days of no budget and little oversight in Season 2 (there was no Season 1 promotion) to the massive media buy in Season 6, working on a hit show is an experience I'll always treasure. Thank you to the cast & crew, along with my fellow PBS'ers for letting me tag along.

- Print -

As is often our creative process, the poster is the first to be designed and sets the tone & look for the entire campaign. Creative Director Derrick Chamlee and team decided on a beautiful celebratory, champange feeling for the final season and the print agency, SJI, produced a beautiful poster concept which was versioned out in both gold and blue, along with other print items like postcards and large format banners.


Design: SJI   |   Creative Director: Derrick Chamlee

- On-Air -

Around the end of October, we decided that we couldn't send Downton off without a new design. Troika designed a toolkit for Season 4, which was also used for Season 5, but we felt we absolutely needed a new look to make Season 6 stand out in the viewer's mind. So, with only a month to work with, we called up our friends at Block & Tackle to see how we could build on the themes of celebration & art deco inspiration from the poster art and turn it into a toolkit for our Series Sell. At the time, there were several rough cuts of different spots floating around, so we asked them to design a few key elements that were central to all the spots and hoped we were on the right track. As it turns out, we were, and Block & Tackle did a fantastic job once again.

Design Director: David Wilder   |   Design: Block & Tackle

- Series Sell -

We went round & round on the feeling we wanted to leave viewers with for the final season. We kept asking ourselves, "Is this big enough? Does it feel like a grand event? Does it leave the viewer excited?" In the end, we opted for this rousing, high energy edit & music to showcase & celebrate Downton's send off.

Is Downton Abbey's latest promo addressing the characters on the show or, in fact, loyal viewers and their broken hearts?

- People Magazine 

Creative Director: Derrick Chamlee   |   Design Director: David WIlder   |   Writer / Producer: Laurie Wiggins   |   Design / Animation: Block & Tackle

- Events -

Season 6 held two events in New York at the Hudson Theater and one event in DC to promote the cast and the season 6 premiere. In working with the events team we created a Dowton branded lobby entrance to the theater complete with photo stations and standees.

Creative Director: David Wilder   |   Photo Credit: Stephanie Berger

- Results -

Downton Abbey Season 6 premiered to a 6.2 Overnights rating, up 7% from the Season 5 premiere and just below the Season 4 Premiere (season 3 ended with Matthew's death).  That's pretty great and derves a big kudos to our entire marketing team.