PBS Arts Fall Festival


Creative Director: John Ruppenthal   |   Creative Director: David Wilder

Design & Production: Click3X

- Introduction -

For 2014 we had a new host, Kristin Chenoweth, and a mandate to make the festival feel bigger and more entertainment driven than in years past. So, once again we contacted our partners Click3X to help us out. The resulting look is cleaner and brighter than previous years and also highlights Kristin’s beauty and perky personality.

- Concept -

For the on-air campaign & shoot, Click3x designed a beautiful & clean environment, consisting of 2 spinning “hershey kisses” that were clad in mirrors and spun in opposite directions. This set provided us with the basis for the entire graphic look.

We decided early on the mirrors from the set would play a key role in the overall design and graphics. In the end, we chose a more dynamic camera and a brighter overall look and feel than in these boards.


- Series Sell -

The Series Sell gives us a look at the lineup for this year’s festival. Working with Click3x on the graphics packaging as well allowed us to keep everything consistent and on budget.

It's the very best of the arts.

Every Friday night.


Show Packaging

- Open -

For the open, we shot some very talented performers doing their thing on the same set piece and edited them together with an original piece of music.


In the end, Click3X created lots of print and on-air elements for us to use. Everything from the Show Open and other packaging elements like the System Cue to graphic backgrounds, endpages, transitions, lower thirds, and more. They’re always a fantastic group to work with if you get the chance.