Television Critics Association

Winter '16

 Creative Director: David Wilder   |   Director, Event Strategy and Production: Phil Piga

Director, Conference Services: Tricia Moore   |   Special Events Consultant: Amanda Adams-Barney   |   Event Technology Manager: Cesar Camacho

- Introduction -

"The TCA Press Tour takes place twice a year in January and July. Each tour generates roughly 40,000 stories during each two week span, with approximately 45,000 more stories from the tour banked and released in subsequent months." During the tour, each network presents their slate of upcoming shows; including HBO, Netflix, and all the broadcast networks as well. The tour rotates between 2 hotels in the Los Angeles area; the Beverly Hilton in the summer and the Langham Huntington in the winter. Each hotel has it's own set of challenges and oppurtunites and takes weeks to prepare for in advance because of the large production and coordination efforts.

About 5 years ago I reached out to the Director of Event Strategy and Production, Phil Piga, to begin understanding how I could help. Phil was incredibly generous and allowed me and my team to begin producing elements which supplimented his events. Over time and working closely with Anne Bentley, Head of Corporate Communications for PBS and Phil's team which includes, Director of Conference Services Tricia Moore, Special Events Coordinator Amanda Adams-Barney and Event Technology Manager Cesar Camacho, that responsibility has grown to include more and more, such as: the registration area, the stage furniture & imagery, the overall branding, and other elements. In fact, it takes a huge team to put this event on twice a year, but each time we stretch the brand just a little bit further to see what new & fresh ideas we can bring to the table.

- Stage Setup -

Langham Huntington Hotel: Huntington Ballroom - Photo Credit: Rahoul Ghose/PBS   |   Event Staging (lighting, truss, etc): Senovva

Press Tour Winter '16 TeamPress Tour Winter '16 Team

The PBS Team ~ Photo Credit: ©Stephanie Berger

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