Season 1

Creative Director: Derrick Chamlee   |  Design & Animation Director: David Wilder   |   Production: Adrienne Imbrigiotta

Animation & Production: Interface Media Group

- Introduction -

Following Victoria from the time she becomes Queen through her passionate courtship and marriage to Prince Albert, the lavish premiere season of Victoria dramatizes the romance and reign of the girl behind the famous monarch.

I designed & directed several different looks for the series sell, or "Official Trailer" as we now call them, as well as graphics for social spots and POP spots.

- Social Designs -

Once the direction was established, I designed and directed multiple offshoots for social and on-air.

Design: David Wilder


The spot went through several iterations, and in the end, became simplied and presented a clearer message with fewer graphics.

- Stakes (Emmy® Nominated) -

Producer: Kenitra Ford   |   3D & Animation: Interface Media Group

- Rule -

Formatted for smaller devices (mobile phones, etc.), large type allows for viewing without audio.

Producer: Kenitra Ford   |   3D & Animation: Interface Media Group