Year In Review


Sr. Creative Director: John Ruppenthal   |   Creative Director: Derrick Chamlee   |   Creative Director: David Wilder

Design & Animation: Block & Tackle

- Introduction -

Every year PBS puts together a compilation of spots to showcase the amazing content we provided viewers over the past year. Some years we use an orchestrational piece of music and other times we go for a more contemporary pop track. Through the years you can also see how the PBS look & feel has grown and been re-interpreted over & over again into some amazing spots. Every year it's a pleasure to work on and every year it's one of my favorite spots.

- Concepting -

Starting from scratch once again, we approached Block & Tackle very early this year. The PBS look & feel is now 7 years old, so it's my goal for this spot to be a rejuvenation of our style as well as serve as a source of inspiration for the local member stations. For this year's concept, we dove back into the PBS redesign vault in 2009 to draw inspiration.

Eyeball Final Pitch - System Cue IdeaEyeball Final Pitch - System Cue Idea

Concept: Eyeball

The PBS archetype is the "Explorer" and we struggled a lot with how to show that visually during our redesign. We didn't want to show maps or anything cliché about exploration but we found a nugget of what we were looking for in an early concept of Eyeball's which showed a scene while at the same time, graphically showing other angles of the same scene. The idea was that PBS helps you explore the world around you from different angles, perspectives, and viewpoints. We took that nugget of an idea and blew it out this year by combining two concepts into one.

The first, was a concept codenamed "Lenses", which magnifies an element, helping to bring it into focus for the viewer. And the second, codenamed "Spyglass" felt very similar but with a different overall magnification scheme that we also liked and felt was appropriate.

Initial Concepts: Block & Tackle

What's more is that Block & Tackle also developed a tookit for additional sizzle reels covering Arts, Science, Drama, and History. This toolkit came in all 4 PBS brand colors allowing us to give each sizzle reel it's own look and feel. These genre sizzles depended heavily on footage and didn't require any fullscreen graphics, so B&T designed the toolkit to key text cards which allows the beautiful footage to shine through the graphics.

- Final Spots -

The final spots are simply gorgeous and play to the heart of the PBS brand and design asthetic: vibrant, contemporary, and inviting.

- 2016 Year in Review -

Writer / Producer: Laurie Wiggins   |   Edit: Dave Brier

- 2016 Preview Reel -

Writer / Producer: Sheyrl Haley

- 2016 Nature & Science Reel -

Writer / Producer: Eric Yeater   |   Edit: Bill Davis - IMG

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